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  • Maintenance

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” — Benjamin Franklin

    Maintenance is the most important service for your indoor comfort systems. General Air Conditioning and Plumbing’s highly skilled technicians have been specially trained to get your home comfort & plumbing systems as close to “factory fresh” condition as possible. They will make sure it is operating as efficiently and safely as it can and look for any possible threats of expensive and inconvenient breakdowns in the future. General Air Conditioning & Plumbing’s technicians take great pride in caring for your equipment. Ultimately, this comprehensive maintenance could pay for itself by saving you money in the long run. With regular maintenance, you can expect to see utility bills reduced by up to 30%, as well as it can extend your air conditioning and heating systems’ life spans. Additionally, most manufacturers won’t honor their warranty without regular maintenance.

    Air conditioning pan treatment solution is an additional product General Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers and highly recommends. Pan treatment dissolves normal build up in the drain from the condensation that occurs with the cooling process. If that drain gets clogged, the condensation will overflow the drain pain and flood causing thousands of dollars in damage and stress. Ask your technician for BioSmart® protection today for total peace of mind.

    Because this is such an important part of your continued comfort, we’ve put together a great program to offer regular service along with savings. Click here to find out about how you can save even more by joining our ServicePlus Maintenance Program.

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