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Drain Installation in Palm Springs, California

Drains can often be the source of a lot of frustration for homeowners in Palm Springs. While they are some of the most important components of your plumbing system, a lot can go wrong, especially if the drains are not installed properly.

At General Air Conditioning, we offer residential drain installation that is focused on giving you the best and most reliable drainage system. We want your drains to work for your home instead of causing frustration and expensive damage.

Do you need drain installation in Palm Springs, La Quinta, Palm Desert, or other nearby areas? You can schedule service today by filling out a form online or giving us a call.

Our Drain Installation Services in Palm Springs

House drain installation is a process that requires training and experience. That’s why we focus on proper training at General Air Conditioning. We have a full-time training manager who runs our in-house training program. Getting better at our jobs is a daily task that all of our plumbers are committed to.

With our team, you will never get careless installations that aren’t done properly. We do every installation up to code and up to our high standards of excellence. All of our drain installation services are backed up by the best guarantees and warranties so that you know we will live up to everything that we say.

Drain Pipe Installation

Quality drain pipes are important for making sure wastewater and sewage go where they are supposed to. Good piping can also help prevent clogs and backups and keep your home smelling fresh.

At General Air Conditioning, we specialize in drain pipe installation. We take pride in installing materials that last for years without frequent leaks or clogs. We want our drain installation to be the end of whatever drain problems you may have been facing in the past weeks or months. We also know the area well so whether we are installing interior or exterior drain pipes, we know which materials and methods work best in Palm Springs and nearby areas.

Drain Tile Installation

It can sometimes be difficult to control the flow of water so that it ends up away from your house instead of sitting in your basement or near your foundation. One way that we can help control the flow of water around your home is through drain tile or french drain installation. Drain tiles/French drains are pipes that are designed to collect water and move it either away from your house or to your sump pump. It is important for the French drain installation to be done correctly so that it can efficiently collect rainwater without getting clogged. Keep your home dry by calling us for drain tile installation.

Basement Drain Installation

Basement drain systems can be helpful both to keep water out of your basement, and to provide a convenient drainage area for your laundry machine, tanked water heater, and more. While basement drains are often installed with the home, you can always have them added with our basement drain installation. If you are tired of having to hook up your water heater to a hose every time you flush it, or you often get water on your basement floor, give us a call to have a solution installed in your home.

Floor Drain Installation

Floor drains can be installed anywhere, but they are common in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere else that is near a water source. They can make water cleanup much easier and help protect your home.

Why Choose General Air Conditioning for Your House Drain Installation?

Our company has been built on a strong foundation of honesty, integrity, faith, and compassion. Our values are what makes our services stand out from others in the area. We make sure that we are always living up to your expectations by putting systems of accountability in place.

One of the ways we hold our company accountable is by having the Technician Seal of Safety. Every year a third party audits us to make sure we are continually training our employees and running background checks and drug testing on everyone we hire. We know how important it is for you to feel safe in your home when you invite a stranger to work on expensive equipment and plumbing systems.

We also offer 24/7 services so that problems can get fixed right away. Members of our ServicePlus Plan get even faster services plus discounts on repairs and diagnostic fees. Every aspect of our company is built around making plumbing and HVAC services easier and more affordable for you. Everything from our residential drain installation to our emergency services is done with you in mind.

Call the General for Drain Installation in Palm Springs

If you need new drains in your home or you require better solutions to help keep your basement dry, we can help. Our drain installation services have been trusted in the area for many years. We look forward to hearing from you today!

For drain installation services near you, Call General Air Conditioning today. You can also schedule services online.

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