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Indoor Air Quality Services in Palm Springs, CA



Did you know that the EPA rates indoor air quality to be far worse than outside air?  With our ongoing problem with air quality here in the desert, it might be hard to believe, but indoor air pollution has become a major health concern.  The high level of dust we have here causes problems not only for us physically, but for our air conditioning and heating systems.

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With the demand for more energy-efficient building, homes have been built “tighter,” which can trap contaminants and affect the way you feel on a daily basis. With most people spending 70% of their life indoors, we want to help our customers understand, identify and then remove the source of the problem to improve their overall state of health.

There are so many choices for how to improve the quality of your indoor air that it can be confusing deciding upon the proper solution. We’ve made it our business to get air into your home and condition it. It would only make sense to be experts in “cleaning” the air as well, and so that’s exactly what we can do for you.

Call the General for indoor air quality services in the Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and La Quinta, CA area. (760) 205-9917

Indoor Air Quality Testing is Important


A professionally trained General Air Conditioning and Plumbing indoor air quality specialist will initiate a third-party test and review the levels discovered in your home to recommend a plan of action to improve your indoor air quality immediately. The good news is we typically can help to improve any level of initial air quality for both new and existing homes, as well as all types of indoor comfort systems.

Here in the Coachella Valley, we all experience dry desert air and the effects of it with dry skin, eyes, nose and throat. Did you know that adding humidity can increase your level of comfort inside your home? Additionally, low humidity can cause uncomfortable static electricity and also warp wood furniture, leading to separation in wood floors and causing gaps in molding.

Properly humidified air will help you feel more comfortable at a lower temperature. While every home doesn’t need this additional moisture for a perfect climate year round, it can be a nice way to “warm” up the air temperature during the winter months.  Moisture in the air tends to give the feeling of it being warmer while reducing your need for heating.


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Call the General for indoor air quality services in the Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and La Quinta, CA area. (760) 205-9917

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