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  • Installation

    When you need to replace your indoor air comfort system, it’s important to select a team of experts for the best results. Especially since this isn’t an investment you make every day and your comfort shouldn’t be skimped on.

    Quality air conditioning and heating system installations are what we do best. We’re called upon daily by homeowners from Palm Springs to Indio to replace and fix equipment. Many are outdated and costly to operate, but we regularly run across poorly installed a/c systems failing far earlier than they were built to. That’s why we’re here to bring Indio, Coachella Valley and Palm Springs energy efficient HVAC when it’s really needed.

    If your system is over 8 years old, experiencing service problems and repairs, or you have uneven room temperatures, call our office to arrange a complimentary private consultation. Our specialized team of top-notch comfort experts are trained to provide an assessment of your indoor comfort needs, which encompass projects qualifying for rebates, incentives, and certification programs through organizations like Energy Upgrade California (EUC) and Building Performance Institute (BPI). By participating in maximizing efficiency standards, these two are just a few that allow us to present and perform processes and programs not available to many other area contractors. The benefit is higher upfront savings and larger long-term energy savings. We are not the low price leader, however we are the best value. We learned long ago that if we do it right in the beginning, you’ll end up the happiest because you’ll have received a higher return on your investment, and we’ll have another satisfied client.


    Our projects are never complete without a “General Salute”. When you decide to call upon the professional team at General Air Conditioning and Plumbing to replace your system, it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Additionally all of our equipment comes with varying levels of manufacturer warranties. See your comfort consultant for details.


    We understand everyone’s situation is different, which is why we normally have several payment options available. Click here for an application to help speed up the process if you think you’ll need this option.


    There are many programs available from federal tax incentives, utility rebates, the efficiency standards programs already mentioned, as well as ongoing manufacturer promotions. The levels of savings are dependent upon the installation but can be significant when planning it instead of waiting for it to stop working.

    The overall quality of an installation is the key component to maximizing the system’s efficiency, even comfort, and long life, which is why you should choose the best installation company in the valley. If you ask around, many will say that’s us, General Air Conditioning and Plumbing, and we’re proud to stand behind that expectation. General continues to lead the way by working to the highest standard possible in system efficiency and knowledge because people like you deserve the very best. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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