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  • ServicePlus with Sensi HVAC Smart Maintenance

    New from Emerson™: Sensi™ smart HVAC maintenance

    HVAC system maintenance—evolved.

    The climate of your house is the backbone of your home’s comfort. But if you’re like most homeowners, you’d rather not have to think about it—and just enjoy your peace of mind.

    Enter the new Sensi smart HVAC maintenance—here to let you set, forget and go about your day. Emerson’s new solution monitors the health of your system, distilling its technical details into a monthly red light/green light report—letting you stay ahead of problems before they happen.

    HVAC system maintenance—evolved.

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    How Sensi smart HVAC maintenance works.

    Using Wi-Fi connected smart sensors, it’s the first service to proactively analyze your HVAC system’s performance to keep you ahead and aware of any maintenance issues.

    1Custom Sensor Technology
    10 sensors are professionally installed on your furnace and air conditioner.

    2Proactive HVAC Analysis
    Smart sensors stream and analyze the status of your system, providing detailed monthly performance checks with results sent to you and your contractor. If a warning is detected an alert will be sent in real time.

    Maintenance Plan Options

    We currently offer three different maintenance plans.

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