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  • Home Cooling with Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps & Mini Splits

    In some parts of the country home cooling can be considered a luxury, but not here in the Coachella Valley. With our triple-digit desert temperatures, air conditioning is nothing short of lifesaving technology. Put your comfort in the hands of the General and his troops. We can provide the best home-cooling products on the market to keep you comfortable no matter what the Mercury reads outside.

    General Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers a complete list of air conditioning & heating products & services:


    The General features the full line of central air conditioners by Lennox, one of the most trusted names in the HVAC industry. The General also carries rooftop A/C units by Lennox which, in some situations, can be more convenient that a traditional compressor sitting on the ground in your backyard.

    Another type of central system is a heat pump.

    It can supply cooling and heating in a single unit. There have been great advances in the last few years making heat pumps much more efficient and effective when it comes to maintaining home comfort year-round.


    What you may not be as familiar with is something called a ductless mini-split heat pump.

    It uses the same heat pump technology but is not a central system. The air handlers deliver conditioned air directly to the room or area that needs it. Because there are no ducts there is no loss of efficiency from leaky or uninsulated ductwork. As many as four air handlers are connected to an outside compressor. Each handler has its own thermostat for the ultimate in custom comfort. The General is proud to handle mini splits by Lennox.

    Call General Air Conditioning and Plumbing to learn more about which cooling option is the best choice to keep your home comfortable in the middle of a desert heat wave. Call for your convenient appointment today.


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