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  • The General Gives Back

    Anyone who has lived in the Coachella Valley for very long knows about the General because of an extensive advertising campaign. What you don’t always see is owner Frank Harrison and the General’s Troops supporting many charitable foundations and individuals in our beloved valley. This dedicated group of individuals come together daily in support of each other as well, helping one another out when their families are in need. Anyone who has met Frank can feel his genuine passion for helping others and he has instilled that as a core value of this company. Each area of General’s support has a purpose, it isn’t about making money, it’s about supporting the charities that are personal.

    So, the next time you see an advertisement for General Air Conditioning & Plumbing, remember we are much more than a company doing business in the Coachella Valley. The General and his troops call this their home and take their civic and charitable responsibilities very seriously by giving back to their communities year-round.

    Desert Cancer Foundation

    DCF_logo_HorizontalSince 2008, General Air Conditioning & Plumbing has donated a portion of their October sales to support those affected by breast cancer. Join us in our continuing support of the Desert Cancer Foundation to help those right here in the Coachella Valley. DCF has raised over $560 million to aid our neighbors diagnosed with cancer. Join us in supporting this great organization.

    General’s Team

    The General Air Conditioning and Plumbing staff has a passion for serving. We serve with purpose by dedicating our work and raising money every October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each story is different, but the message is the same. Enjoy watching our dedication videos.

    Cooling For A Cure — Breast Cancer Awareness

    General Air Conditioning and Plumbing is very public in its support for the fight against breast cancer. This is the story of how the support started. You never know when it begins in your life — a time when you find yourself standing up to be a part of supporting the fight against the horrible disease that has ravaged our world called breast cancer. One of General’s first personal interactions with breast cancer was in 2008 when their marketing consultant, Barbara Duffy, was diagnosed with stage 3B cancer at the young age of 40. The troops followed her journey; seeing life through her eyes in a very intimate connection with the journal she and her family kept, thanks to CaringBridge . Everyone learned about all the different obstacles that must be endured to fight the terrible disease with no buffer. Click here to read. Already being a part of the philanthropic force of the valley, they all knew they had to help those locally in need fighting this as well. Since that time, the General and troops have been able to support and meet some amazing people. Many you pass by on the streets every day and don’t even know it. They’re fighters, and General Air Conditioning and Plumbing is proud to stand behind them. Since 2008, the General and troops have donated over $37,841 in support of Breast Cancer awareness here in the valley. It’s with dedicated volunteers that make up organizations like the Desert Cancer Foundation who tirelessly arrange fundraisers to spread the word for involvement. Last year, Frank accepted a position to serve on the board for the Desert Cancer Foundation’s annual Paint El Paseo Pink Walk. It is through this event that the troops at General work to raise money for this and other local charities to give back because they are all so very grateful for what they have. group As important as the breast cancer fight is to General, it’s just one of many community efforts we are extremely proud of.

    Comfort for the Holidays

    In 2016 the General started a new tradition for the holidays. It’s called Comfort for the Holidays and each year our troops donate and install a brand-new air conditioning and heating system for a family in need. It’s our way of celebrating the holidays by giving back to the people we serve. The General decided the best way to find a family in need was to have you nominate them, so that’s what we do. Each year, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we let you tell us the stories of friends or neighbors who are in need. Your nominations help us choose a truly needy family and allows us to make their lives a little brighter around the holidays. Our hope is it will inspire others to help someone else who’s in need during the holidays. A little help from all of us can make a big difference in people’s lives. It’s just another way to remind ourselves the Christmas spirit isn’t about the fancy decorations, extravagant food & drink, or the gifts. It’s about filling your house and neighborhood with hope and love.

    Community Outreach

    General Air Conditioning and Plumbing is proud to support the Coachella Valley in several ways. From donations and sponsors at local schools, to sponsorships of area women’s group charitable fashion shows, you can see the General has a soft heart for the community.

    Back To School night and dedication of the new sports court.

    The General is a proud supporter of Kings School in Palm Springs.In 2012, the General was proud to help fund a new sports court at the Kings School in Palm Springs.  Servicing the community is what General Air Conditioning and Plumbing does best!

    American Heart Association

    As horrific as the fight against cancer can be, the General recognizes the hard and cold facts: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. General Air Conditioning and Plumbing has been a proud sponsor of the American Heart Association’s annual ball to benefit the American Heart and American Stroke Association for several years running. With the support of all our customers, General has been able to help those in need in the Coachella Valley.

    Freedom Isn’t Free

    The General and his troops are teaming up with the Folds of Honor foundation to raise awareness and assistance to those who serve our country. The Folds of Honor foundation provides educational scholarships to the military families of our fallen and disabled. In the weeks leading up to Independence Day the General donates a portion of its proceeds to support the cause. Your ongoing support returns a life-changing difference in children and families who’ve paid the brutal price of freedom. Since 2007, the Folds of Honor has carried forth this singular, noble mission with more than $70 million raised and provided to recipients in the U.S. The General is proud of its support for this outstanding organization. The Folds of Honor motto says it all, “Honor their sacrifice. Educate their legacy.”  We thank you for joining us in this great effort.
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