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Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Ups in Palm Springs, California

Furnaces are an incredibly useful invention. They create a constant flow of warm, filtered air, making your home a warm and cozy place for you and your family. However, there’s always a possibility that your furnace will break down just as the temperatures begin to dip. To help prevent unexpected breakdowns from occurring, schedule a furnace maintenance service with the professionals at General Air Conditioning & Plumbing. 

We provide comprehensive furnace tune-up services to residents in Southern California. Don’t let yourself get caught in the cold; contact us today for affordable furnace maintenance and tune-up services.

Furnace Maintenance & Tune Up Services in Palm Springs, California Call The General

For more information on our furnace maintenance & tune up services or to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled HVAC technicians, contact us online or call (760) 205-9917.

What is a Furnace Tune-Up? 

A furnace tune-up is a preventive service appointment. During this appointment, our technicians perform gas furnace maintenance or oil furnace maintenance and clean, fix, or replace any necessary parts. 

Furnace maintenance is often used to keep your furnace’s warranty valid, find potential issues, and increase the overall performance of the unit. When your furnace tune-up helps your furnace perform better, it usually saves money on your heating costs. If you’re still asking yourself what is a furnace tune-up, here’s a little more information about what is on our furnace maintenance checklist: 

  • Assess safety and system controls 
  • Review limit controls 
  • Check the gas lines 
  • Clean coils, burners, and other elements 
  • Lubricate any moving parts 
  • Change air filters 
  • Check coolant 
  • Measure airflow 
  • Verify intake and exhaust are working 

Minor repairs that we discover the need for may be fixed the same day, but it depends on the extent of the damage. 

How Often to Schedule Furnace Maintenance 

Most furnace-related problems can be prevented when a proactive approach is taken. A poorly maintained heating system can unexpectedly stop working and make your home an uncomfortable temperature. There is also an increased risk of carbon monoxide building up in the indoor air.  

A furnace that is between ten and 15 years old should have a furnace maintenance appointment twice each year. The first should occur before winter to verify it can handle heating your home warm, and the second during the spring. 

How Long Does a Furnace Tune-Up Take? 

Typically, a furnace tune-up can last for one to two hours. But there are other influencing factors, such as the age of your furnace. If your furnace requires repairs, it could take longer, especially if there’s a need to order parts. However, if you had a new furnace installed recently, the appointment could take less time. 

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important 

Many large systems can benefit from regular maintenance, like your car or your furnace. Check-ups keep your furnace in tip-top shape. As your furnace is the most important appliance in your home, it makes sense to ensure it’s always working properly. Furnace maintenance is a preventive service meant to keep your system working throughout the cold season. During this appointment, the technician can locate potential problems and repair them before they escalate and require a major overhaul. 

Our skilled technicians will find any issue, big or small, that may be affecting your furnace. Typically, a furnace under ten years old won’t require repairs, but it should still have regular maintenance to keep all of the moving parts lubricated and tightened. You can trust that whatever the issue is with your furnace, we’ll find it and fix it.  

Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance 

A furnace tune-up benefits your home more than you know. Annual furnace maintenance is crucial to keep the system working properly, but the list of benefits extends beyond that. 

Routine gas furnace maintenance or oil furnace maintenance services protect your lungs too. Maintenance appointments help keep your indoor air free from pollutants that can build up in your filter or vents. Bacteria, mold, and spores can survive and blow into your home as air moves throughout the house. 

When you add changing the filter to your furnace maintenance checklist and cross it off,  those particles are reduced, and your indoor air quality is improved. People suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems should consider changing their filters more often to keep the air clean. 

Why Choose General Air Conditioning & Plumbing?

Our trained technicians go through a background check and drug screen, so you can trust you’ll be safe when they come into your home. 

They are fully licensed and insured to provide you with necessary HVAC services. We believe in transparency, so we’ll provide you with upfront pricing before you commit to your appointment. At General Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our customers are our number one priority each and every day.   

Make Furnace Maintenance Easy – Call the General! 

Ready to make a simple decision to ensure your family stays warm and cozy all winter? Call General Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We promise to provide the highest quality services to the residents of Southern California. When you need to schedule your annual furnace maintenance, call the General! 

Contact us today or give us a call at (760) 205-9917 for more information on our furnace maintenance & tune up services or to schedule a service appointment! 

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