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  • Heat Pump Installation

    Heat Pump Installation in Palm Springs & Palm Desert, CA

    A heat pump is a great choice for many homeowners due to both its energy efficiency and the fact that it can both heat and cool your home. If you’d like to upgrade your current heat pump to a modern, more efficient model, or if you’d like to install a brand-new system in your home, the heating and cooling experts at General Air Conditioning & Plumbing can help.

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    Benefits of Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps don’t require fuel to create heat, so they’re considerably less expensive to run compared to a boiler or a furnace, but that’s not their only benefit. Heat pumps also:

    • Provide reliable, even heating throughout your home.
    • Are more environmentally friendly than other heating systems, due to their increased energy efficiency.
    • One unit is able to act as both a heating and cooling system.
    • The air in your home won’t feel as dry during the winter.

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    Our Heat Pump Installation Services

    The General provides a full range of heating services and air conditioning services, and our team of HVAC professionals has the training and experience to install, maintain, and repair any type or brand of heat pump. When you schedule your heat pump installation service, your expert technicians thoroughly evaluate your home to determine what size heat pump will perform best in your space. This includes measuring:

    • Your home’s size and layout.
    • The size of your existing ductwork.
    • The heat loss that occurs through your home’s walls, windows, and roof.

    Since every house is different and has unique needs, these calculations enable us to make a product recommendation that will most efficiently heat and cool your home. This ensures you receive maximum comfort with the lowest utility costs possible.

    If you’d like to schedule a heat pump installation estimate, contact the General today!

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    Increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort with a new, top-of-the line heat pump. Contact the General to schedule an appointment.

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