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  • Drain Cleaning

    Drain Cleaning Services in Palm Springs

    No one ever wants to experience the emergency of backed-up sewer pipes and the mess, health, safety issues, and inconvenience that go along with it!

    Your pipe system is like the arteries in your body. Your “pipes” must remain clear and free from debris and clogs to keep flowing freely and your entire system operating efficiently and effectively.

    Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

    Drain clogs will compact and worsen over time, making getting swift plumbing service very important. To avoid the possibility of serious drain system damage, keep watch for these common signs that you need to schedule a drain cleaning service:

    • Sluggish or slow-moving drains
    • Frequent toilet clogs, sink clogs, or shower clogs
    • Foul or odd odors coming from your home drains
    • Gurgling or bubbling noises coming from sink drains
    • Multiple clogged drains throughout the home

    Are you noticing the signs of a drain clog? Call the General for professional drain clog removal and drain cleaning in Palm Springs. You can schedule service online! 

    Backups & Clogs Flush Your $$$ Down the Drain!
    Proper pipe maintenance such as General Air Conditioning & Plumbing’s drain cleaning and line jetting service will assist even the most conscientious property owners. Keep their lines clear from the buildup of grease, hair, food, paper products, and organic waste. The expertise of the General’s trained professionals ensures you will not experience loss of use or lost resources due to backed-up plumbing.

    Because your most valuable resource is your home, General Air Conditioning & Plumbing is committed to using the latest available industry technology and techniques to meet your complete home comfort system maintenance needs.

    In addition to drain cleaning and line jetting, The General also offers:

    • Sewer line inspectionsWe use the latest in video camera inspection technology to locate and diagnose the problem; and, offer solutions that meet your needs and budget.
    • Toilet and sink stoppage
    • Locator service
    • BioSmart® a professional strength, friendly and environmentally safe for plumbing systems.

    You never have to be inconvenienced by the loss of home water or sewer services. General Air Conditioning & Plumbing has troops ready to serve you with the highest quality drain products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    Submit the form above for easy and convenient online scheduling, or to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable and professional customer service representatives, call our office today.

    Why Choose the General for Drain Cleaning?

    Quality service, prompt solutions, and competitive pricing are a few of the most important aspects of how our team does business. You’ve no shortage of options when it comes to picking a Palm Springs plumber, but when you call on General Air Conditioning & Plumbing, you’re guaranteed service from a top-rated team of local plumbers that focus on your needs above all else.

    Homeowners choose our teams for drain cleaning in Palm Springs because:

    • We offer 24-hour service seven days a week
    • You’re guaranteed service from an experienced, certified, and insured plumber
    • We feature honest and competitive pricing with no hidden fees
    • Ours is a highly rated service team with a strong reputation for dependability

    Ready to work with one of the best plumbing companies in Palm Springs? Call (760) 851-0486 or contact us online! 

    Schedule Drain Cleaning in Palm Springs Today!

    Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn clog or you’re tired of the sluggishness of your home plumbing drains, you can look to the experienced plumbers at the General for the superior solutions you deserve. We utilize cutting-edge tools and our extensive experience in order to get the job done right, and right the first time.

    Contact us online now to schedule drain cleaning or sewer line services in Palm Springs. You can also call (760) 851-0486 to make an appointment over the phone!

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