Why Finance?


Like an automobile, air conditioning systems, energy efficient upgrades and plumbing improvements to your home can be one of the largest investments you make. However, unlike an automobile these investments can add value to your home, improve your comfort and efficiency, and increase your family’s safety.

  • Interest free financing available with no upfront costs
  • Preserve your savings and other credit cards
  • In some cases your utility savings could be more than your monthly payment
  • Flexible Financing Terms
  • Instant approval
  • Install today – pay later
  • May be tax deductible
  • Financing terms of 3 months or up to 20 years

Here’s a list of the several options to choose from when financing with The General:



Take a moment to fill this out, and contact our office for questions and results. We will be back in touch once we receive notification from the company of receipt.