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Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Indian Wells, California

If you’re looking for air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and HVAC services in Indian Wells, CA, then it’s time to call the General. 

At General Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our standards are high, and our expertise is extensive.

Do You Need a Breath of Fresh Air Conditioning?

With the hot summer weather in Indian Wells, air conditioning (and AC repair) is not a luxury. It’s a necessity for comfort. Our temperatures can often reach three-digit heights, making air conditioning essential. 

Whether you need a new air conditioning system installed or an emergency repair, we can help with a complete cooling products and services list. 

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Having an AC tune-up can mean the difference between keeping your cool and a poorly functioning system just when you need it the most. We’ll keep your system cold with:

  • Multiple-point inspection and servicing process 
  • Testing of voltage and amperage 
  • Checking refrigerant levels and belt tension
  • Inspection of air filters
  • Examination of refrigerant coils to make sure there are no leaks
  • Full lubricate of every part in your air conditioning unit that moves

Additionally, we inspect all the wiring and adjust the thermostat for maximum efficiency. 

Air Conditioning Installation

If you need AC installation, we offer a full line of Lennox brand central air conditioners—one of the most trusted and relied upon names in the cooling industry. The air conditioners we carry include rooftop units that can fit your home even better than traditional on-the-ground compressors. 

Central air conditioning is much more efficient at cooling your home than window units, distributing cool air throughout, and sending hot air outside. Our technicians can help you find the AC unit that’s “just right” for your home—not too large so that it won’t remove humidity and not too small so that it won’t create enough cool air. 

Cooling and Heating Pump Units

We also offer single cooling and heating pump units, which are super effective for home temperature comfort all year long.

Summer or winter, we’re here to serve!

Heating Services – Sometimes Everyone Likes It Hot 

When it’s winter in the desert, Indian Wells, CA, residents can count on General Air Conditioning & Plumbing to repair or replace the heating you need to stay comfortably warm. Just like having air conditioning in summer, heat on chilly desert nights can be essential. 

So, when the average low temperature in the Coachella Valley drops down to the 40s, don’t shiver. If your home grows uncomfortably cool, we can help ensure your heating system is working correctly again. 

Our highly skilled technicians can handle any heating issues, such as the following:

  • Installing traditional forced-air furnaces
  • Retrofitting furnaces 
  • Utilizing the ductwork already in your home to add heating

In short, we can handle anything you need to keep you and your family toasty.

We’re proud purveyors of quality Lennox forced air furnace products, as well as offering both Daikin and Lennox mini-splits.

No existing ductwork? No problem for the General Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We can easily add a mini-split heat pump to your home. We can also install multiple air handlers in any room, all attached to a single outdoor compressor. What’s more, we can set each handler to a different temperature. Ask us about mini-splits for air conditioning use, too.

Cool Pool?

And if your beautiful pool is just a little too cool, our pool heating options are the perfect solution. 

HVAC Installation and Repair

General Air Conditioning & Plumbing also offers HVAC installation and repairs of all kinds, including ductless mini-split installation and general maintenance.

Smart HVAC Maintenance

Our exclusive HVAC maintenance system means that we can help you have the ultimate temperature comfort with the new Sensi smart HVAC maintenance we can provide from Emerson.

The system boasts the following features and abilities:

  • System health monitoring
  • Tech details display in an easy, monthly red-and-green light reporting system 
  • Reporting so you can stay ahead of any problems before they even occur

Why Call the General?

Making customers our priority every day is a big part of working at General Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We adhere to our values, which means teamwork, accountability, and integrity.

Our goal is to exceed each customer’s expectations every day. Providing fully licensed services since 1984, you can call on us for all your air conditioning, heating, drain cleaning, and plumbing needs in the entire Indian Wells, CA, region.

So when you need heating and cooling services of any kind, call us! General Air Conditioning & Plumbing is waiting to serve you right now.

Here’s What Our Customers are Saying About Us

Our technician was extremely professional and he arrived on time. More importantly, he wore a protective mask and gloves the entire time. -T. Chavez
Everything was wonderful! Thank you so much for a job well done! -Joseph E.
Punctual, very friendly and did a great job of reviewing our air conditioning system. -George P.
General Air Conditioning did a fantastic job at my home. They installed four new units at my home replacing 12 year old units that were loud and having problem... -Jack R.

Why You Should Choose the General

Our core values are passion, integrity, teamwork, and accountability, and we strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations. Our customers are our number one priority every day at General Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

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