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Furnace Repair Services


The cooler months bring welcome relief from the blistering sun of the summer. But they can also create additional stress when the rooms in your house are not adequately heated. 

If your furnace is old, makes funny noises, or causes you to wake up freezing, it’s time to call the professionals at General Air Conditioning and Plumbing to schedule your furnace repair service.   

Furnace repair General Air Conditioning & Plumbing


What are the Signs I Need Furnace Repair? 

Keeping your heating system in good working order is necessary for the comfort of your home. Like all equipment, it will inevitably malfunction and require service from a furnace repair company. 

Fortunately, General Air Conditioning and Plumbing is here to help with any emergency furnace repairs you may need. Some common reasons you may need a furnace repair company include: 

  • The furnace does not turn on
  • The pilot light goes out 
  • The furnace makes strange noises upon start-up or while running
  • The main burner light doesn’t light or stay lit longer than three seconds 
  • The blower won’t turn on after the burners are lit
  • The furnace blower stays on continuously

If your furnace has any of these problems, you require emergency furnace repair.

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Furnace Troubleshooting 

If your furnace doesn’t turn on, we’ve got you covered. These tips may help you understand what kind of furnace repair you may need. 

No Power  

Several things could cause a furnace to not respond to a temperature change. The breaker on your furnace’s circuit may have been tripped, or you may have turned off the furnace switch. 

If your furnace still does not turn on after you’ve checked these two things, call in a technician who will run a diagnostic test. They can determine whether it is the transformer, thermostat, control board, or another issue and develop a solution. 

Failing Motor 

A squeaky motor could indicate that it is going to fail. You’ll need to contact a technician to save the furnace from completely breaking down if you hear the motor squealing.

Clogged Filter 

When the thermostat is turned “on,” the blower motor will stay on continuously, even when there is no new heat to circulate. This constant blowing can cause your air filter to clog and restrict airflow. 

As a result, the limit switch, which senses the furnace’s internal temperature, can be damaged. The limit switch will need replacing, and the air filter will need changing. A technician from General Air Conditioning and Plumbing can assist you with this type of furnace repair.   

Main Burner Problems 

A dirty flame sensor is the most common cause of a burner that won’t stay lit. If the burner isn’t staying lit at all, the supply of gas could be shut off. For this repair, a technician will clean these furnace parts and make a few additional adjustments. 

No Ignition 

When a furnace is working properly, you’ll hear the clicking sound when the burner is trying to ignite. If it cannot ignite, there may be a problem with the control board or a blocked flue. This problem may require a repair or replacement of these parts.  

Run Capacitor or Motor Problems 

Either of these issues will prevent the blower from turning on after the burners ignite. The capacitor is typically a simple fix, but any motor issues may require additional attention.


Why Choose the General When You Need Furnace Repair? 

If any of these signs of furnace trouble apply to you, it’s time to pick up the phone. We have been trusted technicians for furnace repairs since 1984 and always try to exceed our customers’ expectations. They are our number one priority and keep our business going! 

Each technician is fully licensed and insured to provide you with furnace repair service in your home, whether it is an oil furnace repair or gas furnace repair. A team member from General Air Conditioning and Plumbing will professionally and thoroughly solve your problem promptly. 


The Switch is On

California has taken a major step towards building a better future by providing clean energy solutions. The Switch is On initiative aims to make progress towards all modern homes upgrading to all electric appliances. Making the switch will help eliminate the pollution that gas appliances create. 

Your furnace has reliably heated your home for years, but perhaps it’s time to begin making the switch to an all-electric house. Removing your old heating systems and upgrading to electric appliances will make your home and the environment cleaner and cheaper. Electric heat pumps are far more efficient than gas ones, making them less expensive to operate. Furthermore, they produce almost zero pollutants compared to furnaces that burn natural gas. 

If you need to schedule a furnace repair, call a professional heating and cooling company you can trust. General Air Conditioning and Plumbing will tackle oil furnace repairs, gas furnace repairs, and electric furnace repairs. Contact us online or call The General today at (760) 205-9917 to schedule your furnace repair service in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, CA, or the surrounding areas.

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