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  • The General’s Troops

    General Air Conditioning and Plumbing understands the importance of trust and responsibility. We’re homeowners here; we’re your neighbors and you’ll probably recognize us. Each one of us are proud to be a part of the team here at General Air Conditioning and Plumbing, and we are confident in our work as we serve the Coachella Valley. We love the positive greetings we receive all over town, so don’t be shy — it makes our day.

    Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is what makes us so strong and is the reason why you can relax. We take our hiring process very seriously and employ only the highest caliber of sales and support staff. The General Air Conditioning and Plumbing troops are comprised of proud, skilled and prepared employees who undergo ongoing professional training – working together as a team. We had the client’s best interest at heart as we created our daily standards, so you can expect to receive the best experience. If you ask them, the troops at General Air Conditioning and Plumbing will tell you they feel they are given the ability to provide you the best experience. If a question or problem arises, each technician has access to an array of support staff, even in the evenings and weekends, to quickly and efficiently aid in completing the job for you when you need it. You won’t find a patch job like many do to “get you by” til it’s convenient for them. Not on our watch!

    If you or know of someone interested in becoming a valued member of the General’s troops, click here.

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