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Slab Leaks can Ruin Your Day, Foundation

Posted on November 8, 2018

It’s late at night and you’re the last one to head for bed. The house is quiet and you swear you can hear water running, but everyone else is already under the covers. Where is that sound coming from? If your house is built on a slab foundation, it could be a water leak under the concrete slab. The problem is you can also have a slab leak without hearing running water. Here are some of the other warning signs:

  • Baseboards, carpets, or other flooring materials are damp or soaked
  • Water bill spikes upward
  • Unexplained low water pressure
  • Mold growing on or under flooring materials
  • Cracks in your walls

Whatever you do, don’t ignore warning signs like these. If you procrastinate, the leaking water could cause enough damage under the slab to threaten the integrity of the foundation. You need to call General Air Conditioning and Plumbing and let one of our professional plumbers determine what’s going on.

So what causes slab leaks? Most commonly, it has to do with expansion and contraction of the soil causing the slab to shift slightly. When it does, it puts stress on the plumbing connections. Other factors include corrosion over time, water pressure that’s too high, cheap materials and/or improper installation.

The General is always asked about the cost of fixing a slab leak, but It’s impossible to say with any certainty. There are too many variables involved like how long will it take to locate the leak and the scope of the repairs once the concrete is removed. We are also asked whether homeowner’s insurance will pay for slab leak repairs. That’s a question you need to address with your insurance agent. As a rule, insurance will pay for the concrete work, but not for the actual plumbing repair.

If you have any concerns about a possible slab leak or any other plumbing issue, we urge you to call the General. We have the expertise and tools to detect leaks you may not even notice. Additionally, regular plumbing inspections by the General’s troops can lessen some of the risk factors. Call and schedule your inspection now. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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