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Don’t Fall Victim to an HVAC Emergency

Posted on February 5, 2018

There’s a reason why visits to the emergency room are a last resort. The cost is extremely high and insurance companies discourage them by covering less of the cost. On the other hand, those same companies encourage preventive health care like checkups and diagnostic tests by paying the entire cost.

Your health is much more important than your home comfort systems, but there are some lessons to be learned. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to make a call for emergency repairs. General Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides emergency air conditioning service and we will do everything in our power to respond as quickly as possible. The simple truth is an emergency response is going to cost more than making a scheduled service call.

Without regular maintenance, your heating and cooling systems become less efficient. It means they work harder and run longer. Just like with any other mechanical system, those factors increase the risk of an unscheduled breakdown. One of the General’s highly-trained technicians can often spot the problems and fix them before you end up having to make that emergency call.

While HVAC breakdowns can cause extremely uncomfortable conditions, a plumbing emergency can cause catastrophic damage. Listen, it’s easy to ignore your plumbing which is why so many people don’t schedule plumbing maintenance calls. Only an inspection by an expert General plumber can identify things like washing machine hoses that are about to burst, and corroded connections which are about to break.

So, the question becomes, how much of a gambler are you? You probably have better odds of avoiding emergency HVAC or plumbing repairs than say, winning big in Vegas. But there’s an old saying, the house always wins eventually. If you choose to continually ignore routine maintenance, chances are the odds are going to catch up with you. When it does, the result will be a call for 24-hour A/C repair. General Air Conditioning & Plumbing will do everything we can to fix the problem quickly, but it may not be a pleasant experience.