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Cool Evenings & Fire Pits Are a Great Combination

Posted on December 13, 2017

As much as we enjoy our desert climate, isn’t it great when we get these cool winter nights around the holidays? It’s fun to sit out on the patio with friends and family. In fact, gathering around a fire pit is a great way to enjoy a holiday party. Like any other fuel burning device, there are safety concerns. Call General Air Conditioning & Plumbing to make sure your fire pit is in good working order.

When you order a plumbing inspection from the General, it will include an inspection of your gas or propane lines to check for leaks. Our HVAC technician can also do a limited inspection during a visit for a heating system tune-up.  The temperature extremes in the Coachella Valley, along with our frequent tremors, can cause connections to loosen over time. Even a small gas or propane leak is a waste of a valuable resource, and can be a major safety concern.

There are several other issues to consider when you decide to install or use an outdoor fire pit:

  • Choose your location carefully
    • At least 10 feet away from any structure
    • No overhead electrical wires
    • Safe distance from trees & shrubs
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby
  • Know where and how to shut the gas off
  • Keep the area clean and free of clutter


Many people choose gas or propane fire pits because of the cleanliness and convenience. They may not produce as much heat as a wood fire, but they work instantly without the hassle of starting a fire and there are no ashes to clean up after the party. The key is to keep the burner clean and free of any obstructions, especially if it hasn’t been lit in a long time. That’s where the General’s experts can take care of the job for you.

We are really happy you think of us when it comes to all of your HVAC needs in Palm Springs, CA, but the General is much more than heating and cooling repairs in Palm Springs. Whether it’s the fire pit on the patio, or the fireplace logs inside your home, the General’s plumbers can handle all of your repair and service needs. After all, now is the time to enjoy the ambiance and comfort of a fireplace or fire pit because the triple-digit temperatures will return before you know it.