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A Tale of Two Thanksgiving Dinners

A Thanksgiving Story Version #1:

You can’t believe the beautiful sunrise to start Thanksgiving Day in the Coachella Valley. You’re up early to start dinner preparations. At least there’s no mess to deal with because you took time to load and run the dishwasher after the family party last night. As you unload the dishwasher, the dishes don’t seem to feel as clean as they normally do. You chalk it up to the fact it was overloaded and forget about it.

With gentle holiday music wafting through the Bluetooth speaker on the kitchen counter, you start chopping vegetables to go in the stuffing. It’s an old family recipe and everyone just loves your turkey stuffing. As you are working, the household slowly starts coming to life. You can hear faucets and showers running. But soon there are more sounds. Gasps of shock. Loud voices. Then you hear random words floating down the stairs, “cold…what happened…hot water…what do you mean there’s no hot water?”

Suddenly it dawns on you, maybe that’s why the dishes weren’t clean? You turn on the faucet and let the water run, and run, and run. Still no hot water. Reality hits like a ton of bricks. It’s a holiday weekend, your house is full of family, and you have no hot water. Where are you going to find a plumber in Palm Desert on Thanksgiving? Looks like it’s going to be pretty tough to feel thankful today.

A Thanksgiving Story Version #2:

The sun is just peaking over the desert horizon as you get out of bed on Thanksgiving Day. You want to get an early start on making the stuffing so the turkey can go in the oven and start roasting. You decide there’s time to take a nice long hot shower before heading to the kitchen. It’s a great way to get the day started.

As you start working in the kitchen, your in-laws come downstairs for a cup of coffee and to say good morning. You decline their offer of help, and they leave to take their showers. All of a sudden you remember you forgot to start the dishwasher after cleaning up from last night’s party. You quickly throw in the soap and turn it on. Soon after that, you hear the kids up and about. After coming down to give you a hug, they head upstairs for their morning showers.

Your chopping knife pauses in mid-air as a horrifying thought flashes into your mind, what if we run out of hot water? Then you quietly give thanks because you called General Air Conditioning & Plumbing a month ago, and had them install a new Navian tankless water heater in your home. Now you have a nearly unlimited supply of hot water.

The Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success, especially the stuffing which is an old family recipe. The entire weekend was great as the family shared memories of holidays past and created some new ones. Everyone went home happy with a lot to be thankful for.

Which of those scenarios sounds best to you? Yes, we know it’s an obvious choice. You still have time to call the General and have his troops make sure the first scenario doesn’t happen to you. Maybe it’s not a new tankless hot water heater, but our plumbers also do maintenance to make sure your current one is working correctly and is up to the challenge of a full house for the holidays. If something does go wrong, the General offers 24/7 emergency service, even on Thanksgiving. It’s just one more reason General is the best little air conditioning and plumbing company in the desert.

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Our technician was extremely professional and he arrived on time. More importantly, he wore a protective mask and gloves the entire time. -T. Chavez
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Punctual, very friendly and did a great job of reviewing our air conditioning system. -George P.
General Air Conditioning did a fantastic job at my home. They installed four new units at my home replacing 12 year old units that were loud and having problem... -Jack R.

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