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How to Maintain Your HVAC Systems in Summer

Many recognize Thousand Palms, California, for its hot and humid summers. Excessive heat warnings are a common occurrence here. And without a working HVAC system, there is no escape from the swelter of a July day.  


Your air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable all summer long. But, if your unit is in constant use, it’s going to require maintenance at some point. 

5 Tips to Maintain Your HVAC Units this Summer 

Maintaining your systems is a vital part of living in Thousand Palms, California. Without it, you put your comfort and potentially your health at risk. Stay cool this season with these five HVAC maintenance tips. 

  • Keep the Filter Clean

If you do not regularly change your unit’s filter, you should start as soon as possible. The filter is a large part of maintaining your system because it protects the unit from dust and debris. This filter traps small airborne pollutants and removes them from the air. 


Routinely inspecting and replacing your AC’s filter is vital for year-round functionality and efficiency, but it’s even more important during summer. When it starts getting warmer outside, there are more insects and pollen in the air. Naturally, having a clean filter is going to increase the performance of your system. 

  • Clean the Air Ducts 

Speaking of pollutants, the air ducts in your home are a place for things like pollen and dust to collect. Over time, this accumulation will make its way into the air you breathe. However, this also clogs the ducts and restricts airflow. 


A reduction in airflow is obviously not ideal for system efficiency and performance. During the summer, with more pollutants in the air, keeping your air ducts clean is critical. It is best to have a professional deep clean your air ducts to prevent poor airflow.


Duct cleaning before the summer is a great way to keep your systems working well and keeping you cool. 

  • Check the Electrical Work

The electrical work in your systems is among the most crucial parts of the unit. The wiring is essential in delivering the cool air that you rely on in the summertime. When summer rolls around, the heat can make these wires burn out faster.  


You should call a professional to inspect the electrical wiring of your HVAC units. Checking the wiring in your system will help keep it running well, so you can rely on it this summer.

  • Schedule a Regular Tune-Up

Preventative maintenance is one of the best things you can do for the systems in your home. There is a regular tune-up service available for every unit that you have. Regular tune-ups are most helpful before the first day of cooling system use. 


During one of these tune-ups, the technician inspects every part of the unit. If there is a broken part that needs replacing, the technician can get you a new one. These checks ensure that you go into summer with a reliable unit that is not waiting to break down. 


If you avoid or disregard regular maintenance, you may end up having to spend money on avoidable repairs or an early replacement. It is more cost-efficient to pay for routine maintenance than to buy all new parts.

  • Consider an Upgrade 

Has your unit become worn out? Is it reaching the end of its lifespan? If so, you should consider upgrading your unit. Air conditioners will live an average of ten years. The better you are at routine maintenance, the longer your unit will last.


There are a few ways to know that you should consider a replacement AC unit, such as:


  • Your unit’s ten years or older 
  • The unit makes odd smells and sounds 
  • Your utility bills have been increasing
  • Your home is not cool enough


If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it may be time to purchase a new air conditioner. Waiting to replace your unit so close to summertime is a dangerous game to play. What happens if your AC stops working during a heatwave or heat warning? 


Replacing your air conditioner may be costly, but it saves you money on constant repairs. It also guarantees you peace of mind since a replacement gives you one less thing to worry about during the summer.

General AC and Plumbing for Your HVAC Needs 

When you need summer HVAC maintenance, it can be hard to find a dependable technician near you. But, this shouldn’t stop you from taking care of your systems before summer. 


Now’s your opportunity to get your systems ready for the warm season. For HVAC services that you can trust, contact General AC and Plumbing today!

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