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Getting In The Zone Can Save You Money

Want to get in the zone? No, I’m not talking about the end zone (yes, it is football season) or a specific time zone. For the purposes of this blog, I am referring to the cool or warm area of your home that you have scheduled for climate control at a certain time.

Let me explain.

With most normal HVAC systems and conventional thermostats, the climate control setting regulates the entire house. This means the system is trying to maintain the same temperature in every room of the home. All good most of the time, but it can be problematic if there are areas of your home which are cooler or hotter than normal. This could be because the sun hits this area of the house more or because there are fewer windows, etc., but the point is that it can be difficult to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home. It can also mean higher utility bills as your system is running more, trying to provide climate control to those hot and cold spots.

A great way to eliminate uneven heating and cooling issues – and save money on utility costs – is to install a zoning system. A zoning system can come in dual zone or multi zone mode, and will allow you to independently climate control each room, or zone. Each zone features its own thermostat, so you can set each one to monitor just that room. A central controller monitors all of the thermostats, so when an individual thermostat indicates that particular zone may need more heating or cooling, your system will be notified to answer the call.  A zoning system is also a good way to save you money by decreasing the amount of air that is circulated in areas of your home that you do not use, or do not spend much time in. This is great for kids’ rooms when they are away to college, etc.

So, give General Air Conditioning & Plumbinga call today to learn more about our complete line of Lennox and Honeywell zoning products. In most cases, these zoning systems can be added to your current system, eliminating the need for an entirely new system. And if you really want to take complete control of your home’s HVAC system even when you are away from home, check out our line of Sensi™ smart thermostats. Set your thermostat while you are on vacation or on your way home from work, at your convenience!

So, call the Best Little Air Conditioning and Plumbing Company in the Desert and get in the zone!

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