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Common Plumbing Issues in the Summer Season

Residents of Thousand Palms understand the need for proper HVAC maintenance. But, what about your plumbing? 


Your plumbing system is essential to your daily life and your home space in general. Unfortunately, the California summer heat can cause some issues in this department.


Knowing what matters may potentially arise with your plumbing system will help you identify them faster. Then, you can call for help ASAP. 


The quicker you solve your plumbing problems, the better the outcome. If you ignore issues such as leaks and clogs for long enough, they will worsen, and it will cost you in the long run. 


Don’t let plumbing problems block your fun in the sun. Summer is not supposed to be a stressful time. Instead, keep your eye out for the following plumbing problems. If you notice something, call a reliable plumber like General AC and Plumbing ASAP.

Washing Machine Overload 

Your washing machine gets more use during the summer. That is especially true if you have children who are out of school for the season. More laundry from those pool and beach days makes your washing machine work that much harder to keep up. 


Heavy loads can overload your machine, so it’s best to stick to small, frequent loads of laundry. You may also want to make sure that you run the wash when you’re home to handle any issues, should one arise. 


If you notice your washing machine is backed up or performing poorly, maintenance may be in order. Leaks and odd noises are a few signs that your unit may even require repairs or component replacements. Either way, calling a professional to inspect the machine is a must. 

Backed-up Pipes

With the warm weather comes fresh produce and delicious recipes. Cooking is fun for many homeowners, but dealing with leftovers and waste can become an issue. This task becomes yet more frustrating when you find yourself with a clogged garbage disposal. 


Clogged drains are unpleasant at any time of year. One day everything is working well, and the next thing you know, you can’t drain your sink. Avoiding this is easy. Here are just a few things to remember:


  • Clear your plate before dumping it into the disposal 
  • Do not dump pits, bones, or starches
  • Keep the quantity of waste to a minimum 


Keep in mind that other drains in your home are susceptible to clogging this summer, too. You use your bathroom and kitchen drains more than usual when the weather gets warm. (Think after-beach showers and after-BBQ clean-ups.)


It’s logical that if your drains and pipes are in constant use, they are more likely to back up or get clogged. To avoid this, call a professional plumber to check your drains. Routine drain cleaning services are the best way to ensure that you’re free from clogged pipes and can engage in summer fun without worry.

Issues with Lawn Sprinklers 

The heat in Thousand Palms can make maintaining your lawn a difficult task sometimes. In-ground sprinkler systems are an easy way to avoid that. However, when something goes wrong with your sprinklers, they don’t seem so convenient all of a sudden, do they?


Routine inspections and deep cleans of each sprinkler head can prevent issues like insufficient water pressure and leaky or clogged sprinkler heads. 

Overwhelmed Pumps 

Although it doesn’t happen very often, summer rain can come when you least expect it. And unexpected rain can quickly turn into a flooding problem. If you get enough rain, the water level can overwhelm your sump pumps and cause them to break down.  


Every homeowner wants to avoid flooding in their basement if possible. That’s why routine pump inspections are vital for residents of Thousand Palms. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your sump pumps or other drainage devices. 


To be safe, schedule routine maintenance appointments with a professional plumbing service. That will ensure your pumps are ready for the summer season, no matter what. 

Trust Your Plumbing to a Professional

One last tip—always call a professional plumber for help. While there are do-it-yourself guides, it can be very dangerous to perform plumbing work alone. Forget the stress and call a professional. 


When you need plumbing work done, there’s no better team than General AC and Plumbing. For 37 years, our team has provided high-quality services for Thousand Palms, California. Our team emphasizes integrity, passion, teamwork, and accountability, and our company’s goal is to keep your home comfortable and exceed your expectations every time. 


For the best services in Thousand Palms, contact us for a consultation! 

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