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The General Can Show You How to Ditch the Water Bottles

Are you one of those people? Every time you go to the warehouse club, do you pick up at least one case of bottled water, if not more? Are there always 2 or 3 bottles of water in each one of your cars? Are there partially filled water bottles in just about every room of your house? Here’s our question: If you’re that concerned about the quality of the drinking water in your home, then why not call General Air Conditioning & Plumbing to talk about some solutions?

We understand there have been well documented and highly publicized cases of chemically contaminated water in homes, but for the most part they are isolated. The more run-of-the-mill problems like bad taste or mineral impurities can usually be fixed. Here are just a few of the services the General can provide for you:

  • Water quality testing
  • Water softener system
  • Carbon filtration
  • Whole-house water filter
  • Reverse osmosis system

Once a water test determines what’s in your water, then we can talk about the best way to proceed. The General carries a complete line of products from H2O Harmony Elite to make your water purer, taste better, and feel better.

A good place to start is analyzing the mineral content of your water. Hard water can often taste funny and leave unattractive hard water deposits that can also harm your pipes. Adding a water softener will neutralize those minerals. The result is laundry that feels and smells cleaner, no hard water spots on your dishes, or soft skin and hair. We can also offer an all-in-one water softener and carbon filtration systems. Carbon filters remove chlorine, sediment, and other foreign materials. This is generally a whole-house system.

If your major concern is just your drinking water, the General has several types of under sink water purifiers, including reverse osmosis systems. They can make your tap water as clean and clear of contaminants as bottled water. Top of the line models are also effective against dangerous chemical contaminants like lead or chromium.

We’re not trying to stop you from buying bottled water if it’s what makes you comfortable. But if you are tired of the clutter and having to recycle countless plastic bottles, call the General now to talk about making your household water healthier and better tasting. One more reason they call us, “The Best Little Air Conditioning and Plumbing Company in the Desert.”

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General Air Conditioning did a fantastic job at my home. They installed four new units at my home replacing 12 year old units that were loud and having problem... -Jack R.

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