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Don’t Fall Victim to an HVAC Emergency

There’s a reason why visits to the emergency room are a last resort. The cost is extremely high and …

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Why it Could be Time to go Tankless

You made it through the holidays and everything was a great success. You spent time with friends and loved …

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Be H2O Aware with Help from the General

You buy organic fruits and vegetables. You’ve made the switch to grass fed beef. You only use cage-free eggs. …

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Say Aloha Thanks to the General

  Don’t miss your chance to spend a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in a tropical paradise thanks to General Air Conditioning …

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Get the Luxury of Soft Water from the General

Into every life, a little luxury must fall. That could be in the shape of a luxurious water softener …

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Cool Evenings & Fire Pits Are a Great Combination

As much as we enjoy our desert climate, isn’t it great when we get these cool winter nights around …

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Need to Abandon Your Septic System? The General can Help

Have you received your notice to connect yet? Regulations are forcing many homeowners to get rid of their septic …

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Help the General Help a Deserving Family for Christmas

Have you ever had a little bit of an empty feeling around the holidays? The house couldn’t be any …

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A Tale of Two Thanksgiving Dinners

A Thanksgiving Story Version #1: You can’t believe the beautiful sunrise to start Thanksgiving Day in the Coachella Valley. …

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The General can Keep Your Water Clean, Safe & Tasty

It’s something all of us depend on every day, the ability to turn on the faucet and get clean, …

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Let the General Exorcise Your Home’s HVAC Ghosts & Goblins

Is your house haunted by cold and hot spots? So much so you might hear this conversation: “Oh look …

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Call the General Now to Prevent Damage from Clogged Drains

Is your favorite college or pro football team (or maybe both) already going down the drain? We sure hope …

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