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Tips: Daylight Savings – Nov 3

Posted on November 5, 2013



Hey everyone!

As we start rolling into the colder months, we would like to remind all our readers of some simple housekeeping tasks to take care of before we completely enter the winter seasons.

Daylight Saving Time: Sunday – November 3, 2013. You know the drill—it is Daylight Saving Time again, and this time around, the clock is going to fall back an hour. An important note: although your computers and your cell phones will probably update themselves automatically, your heater and air conditioner’s thermostat probably won’t! Make sure your thermostat is adjusted to the right time before you start experiencing strange and unexpected changes in temperature.

Change your air filters. Your heating/cooling unit has been working hard all summer, so make sure you clean or replace your air filter for a breath of fresh air for the new season. You can clean your filters with some water and dish soap, or just replace—ask the General’s Troops which filters are going to be the best and most efficient for your home.

Set your ceiling fans to “reverse”. To help keep the warm air in your home inside the house and moving around, turn any ceiling fans in your home to reverse. There is usually a small switch or chain you can pull to accomplish this. A fix you can literally do in seconds.

Check your home’s insulation and sealing. Fixing any problems in your home’s insulation will help keep all the hot air your unit is pumping out in the home, and stop any drafts from swooping in to your home. Call your HVAC service professional to do a quick run through of your home, and they will be able to identify any gaps or leaks in your home’s structure that could be making your upcoming winter uncomfortable and expensive.