The Importance of Duct Sealing

Posted on December 11, 2014

Your air duct system is one of those things in your home that may fall under the category of “out of sight, out of mind”, but it shouldn’t always be that way. It’s important that you give some thought to those ducts, which are oftentimes forgotten and taken for granted. Are your air ducts sealed? If they aren’t, they will lose air as it travels through them, which means you lose cool air and heat. This translates into wasted energy and wasted money for you.

This system is one of the most important in your home; if your ducts are either poorly sealed or not sealed at all, they are likely causing your energy bills to be higher than they should be. states that ducts that leak heated air into unheated spaces can add hundreds of dollars to your heating and cooling bills – each year! Insulating and sealing the ducts in your attic, basement, and crawl space is a cost-efficient, effective way to keep more money in your pocket instead of losing it to your energy provider.

It is for this reason that you should have your ducts sealed when you are installing a new duct system. If you already have a duct system in place, contact your Palm Springs air conditioning and heating experts at General Air Conditioning and Heating to give you an estimate on sealing them. Air leaking from not only uninsulated ducts, but also from old, outdated ducts, can not only cause wasted energy and air, but can also cause the unconditioned air in a home to be drawn into return ducts through the unsealed joints!

If you spot an obvious leak, know that minor duct repairs are easy to make. However, qualified professionals should still seal and insulate the ducts to ensure that appropriate and effective materials are used. Ducts themselves can be made of sheet metal, fiberglass and other materials, and different sealing materials work best with various duct materials.

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