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The Best Affordable Ways To Stay Cool Indoors

Posted on February 19, 2015

indoorsEach year, the cost of running air conditioners in the United States costs $22 billion, and Palm Springs air conditioning units contribute their fair share of that bill. In fact, the cost of keeping your home cool with air conditioning in Palm Springs can account for as much as 70% of your summer utility costs.
It’s important that The General’s customers understand that there are several things that can be done to decrease the amount of money they spend on air conditioning each summer and throughout the year. Following are some great tips for keeping cool indoors during the hottest weather without contributing to your energy bills more than is necessary:

1. Update your insulation. Just like the windows in your home, insulation is going to play a big part in conserving energy and saving you money when you run your air conditioning in Palm Springs. Your attic is going to be the main area where insulation might be needed – if you have it there already, check to see if more should be added. You can either use rolls of insulation to easily and quickly place it along the attic floor, but it won’t sufficiently get into the corners. Blown-in insulation is an affordable option that will get into the hard-to-reach spaces for better coverage.

2. Consider an easy, affordable, and effective way to cut your costs on air conditioning your home with thermal curtains – also known as insulated curtains. These are great to have installed over the windows of the sunniest rooms in your home. They usually consist of an outer layer that looks like a typical curtain, and are backed with a layer of heat-reflecting film or high-density foam.

3. Don’t overlook the importance of weather stripping! An affordable and easy solution to implement, installing weather stripping is a great way to seal air leaks in your home. Target areas for the installation should be windows and doors, and also access points to your attic. There are several types of weather stripping available depending on your needs, so Call the General if you should need help.

4. If you’re planning on having a new roof installed, consider using either heat-reflecting materials or having your roof sealed with a heat-reflective coating. These cool roofs make good use of materials that will help stop heat from entering your home, which can really add up in savings you’ll notice on your energy bill.

5. Update your windows. You’d most likely be surprised at how much air conditioned air escapes your home through your windows. Those windows that are several years old are no longer as energy efficient as they once were, seals may very well be broken, and they are not going to be as good at insulating as new windows are. If you don’t have the budget to replace all of the windows in your home all at once, you should pick a few each year to replace until the project is complete.

Instead of running to your thermostat to make your air conditioner work harder, take a moment to think of the potential for money and energy savings if you were to take the steps necessary to make your home more energy efficient. For help determining the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, be sure to contact your air conditioning repair company in Palm SpringsCall the General today!