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Let the General Show You the Safe Way to Unclog a Drain

Posted on April 25, 2017

Do you think bad things every time you hear the word bacteria? General Air Conditioning & Plumbing wants to change your mind, because a drain cleaner containing living bacteria can make life around your house a lot more pleasant.

Is there anything more disgusting than a kitchen sink or garbage disposal clogged with oil, grease, and food? It can also cause damaging water backups. Instead of using dangerous drain cleaner chemicals, use a Biocleaner.

Let the General’s professional plumbers treat your drains with BioSmart™—an enzyme drain cleaner.

Blocked drains are the result of hair, fats, oils, greases or similar products forming solid waste. Unless treated, the end result is a smelly mess causing a completely blocked drain and an overflowing sink.

BioSmart is a bacterial drain cleaner that literally “eats” oil, fats, and grease. It can clear those clogged drains and garbage disposals and keep them clear for up to a month. Best of all, BioSmart is the safe choice for:

  • Pipes
  • Septic systems
  • Drain fields
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • The environment

BioSmart carries the Safer Choice logo from the Environmental Protection Agency. General is confident in letting our plumbing professionals bring these products into your home.

Compare BioSmart products to caustic drain cleaners. Experts call them some of the most dangerous of all household chemicals.

Bio clean products for your house—just another reason why folks call us “The Best Little Air Conditioning and Plumbing Company in the Desert”. Call the General today to find out how well this safe and environmentally sound product works.

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