Replace Your System Before You Have To

Posted on March 11, 2016

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

This is certainly true of your home’s major appliances. And your home’s air conditioning and heating system is no doubt at the top of that list. It is a matter of time before it will need to be replaced, so the key is knowing when. Your friends at General Air Conditioning and Plumbing are here to help you make that decision by focusing on these key points.

  • Most importantly, take action before your home’s HVAC comfort system breaks down. It never fails – a breakdown always happens at the most inopportune time (extreme temps), which means you’re going to be sweating in the Palm Springs area’s triple-digit days of summer waiting for an air conditioning repair contractor to answer your call for help.
  • It’s logical to assume that the HVAC industry is busiest during those extreme weather days, which means a couple of things: it may be a while before you get the service you need at the quality you expect. Don’t wait until it’s too late: replace your inefficient system before it becomes a crisis. A system replacement can also save you money in the long run. New cooling and heating systems are much more efficient than older systems, leading to lower utility bills. Depending upon the age of your current system and other factors, you may be able to slash your utility costs by up to 60%.
  • A new system can also have an impact on your tax return. In 2015, lawmakers reauthorized the $500 Residential Energy Tax Credit for two years. This means that retroactively for 2015 and through the 2016 calendar year, you can use this deduction. It takes the credit to the bottom line, not just a deduction.
  • Replacing your home’s heating and cooling system will also help keep your family healthy by eliminating indoor air quality problems that you may not be aware of. There may be discounts and rebates available on qualified improvements and specified water heaters, humidifiers and more.
  • Replacing your home’s heating and cooling system is a major expense, and we know that everyone’s financial situation is different. So, we offer many financing plans for our customers as well as you may also be eligible for special financing through government and local programs like HERO or YGrene which are not income based.

When you need to replace your indoor air comfort system, it’s important to select a team of experts for the best results. Installing quality air conditioning and heating systems are what we do best. Call The Best Little Air Conditioning & Plumbing Company In The Desert today to schedule your system assessment and learn about our 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

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