Repair or Replace? A Homeowner’s Checklist for Air Conditioning

Posted on November 12, 2013

If you have to constantly repair your Palm Springs home air conditioning, you could be spending more money on repairs than you could be spending a brand new unit. Learn whether you should ditch or defend your heating/cooling unit with the checklist below.

When to Call for AC Repair

If your unit is younger than 8 years. If your unit was installed less than 8 years ago and is still performing admirably, it is worth it to just do a quick repair or two when it is having problems.

If you have had routine maintenance checks for your unit. Routine air conditioning maintenance checks are absolutely the best way to extend the life of any heating or cooling system. If you have been regularly getting your unit inspected and maintained, chances are that your system is in good enough shape to survive on just a repair.

If your track record of repairs is satisfactory. If after each home AC repair job you are satisfied with the performance of your unit, then there is a decent chance that future repairs will be sufficient to maintain the level of comfort in your home.  If you have to have continual repairs then it’s time to look at replacement.

When to Call for AC Replacement

Your unit is the wrong size for your home. When you have a central air conditioning unit that is too big or too small, no amount of repair is going to solve the problems as the problem is due to the nature of the system itself. You can usually tell if your system is too small by not having enough cooling in a room, and if your system is too big by high utility bills and unusual changes in humidity.

Your system is 8 years old or more. Advancements in heating and cooling technology have made thousands of early HVAC models outdated. Past 8 years of use, most HVAC systems are not only performing insufficiently but are also far behind the benefits offered by new age models.

You have never, or very rarely, had professional maintenance completed on your home unit. Professional maintenance is the best preventative care for any unit, and failure to complete at least an annual check-up will have visible differences on your unit’s lifespan.

The cost of repairs are adding up each year. Although replacing a unit has greater upfront costs, a new model also comes with many money-saving benefits that will gradually offset the initial costs.  Our office can provide a true cost calculation to help you make this decision.

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