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    Don’t Fall Victim to the Revenge of the Water Heater

    It’s really easy to ignore your hot water heater until it suddenly stops working and you experience a cold shower. General Air Conditioning & Plumbing can make sure it doesn’t happen to you. As much as you ignore it, your water heater is likely the second largest energy user after the heating and cooling systems. In most homes, the yearly cost for hot water ranges from $700 to $800.

    One way to cut those costs is with an efficient new water heater from the General. One option to consider is a new tankless system. Instead of heating an entire tank of water and keeping it hot all the time, the water is heated as you use it. Along with saving energy, a tankless system gives you a nearly unlimited supply of hot water. The General is proud to feature the Navian brand of tankless hot water heaters.

    Despite the advantages, tankless is not the best choice for every situation. Traditional tank-style water heaters are also much more efficient than they used to be and the upfront cost is lower than a tankless system. The General offers a complete line of tank style heaters by Bradford White.

    Routine maintenance can go a long way towards improving the efficiency of your current water heater and making it last longer. A visit by our plumber includes these items and more:

    • Check the pressure relief valve (a bad valve can cause unsafe pressure in the tank)
    • Drain the tank to remove sediment that reduces efficiency and clogs pipes
    • Safety check for correct combustion & dangerous leaks in gas heaters
    • Visual inspection including fixing drips or leaks

    Call General Air Conditioning & Plumbing now to make sure your family members aren’t victimized by the “revenge of the long-ignored water heater.” After all, cold showers are no fun, even in the desert heat.

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