Preventative Maintenance For Your AC Unit

Posted on February 28, 2014

Defective electrical connections in an HVAC unit are both one of the most common and most dangerous problems to have in a home. The wiring system in most older homes are not adequately equipped to power modern appliances, and the electrical connections in newer homes can become loose or suffer water damage over time. Loose electrical connections can result in flickering lights, unnecessarily high energy levels, burnt corroded electrical wires, tripping of circuit breakers, system failing, and even electrical fires.

If you have loose electrical connections, it is an easy fix if the problem is not too advanced. An AC repair company can inspect and tighten any loose electrical connections during a maintenance tune-up, and can check the durability of your current electrical components. Electrical connection components must be able to withstand near constant motion and vibration over a period of several years, and be able to endure moisture that is present in any HVAC system. With a legitimate air conditioning installation, your HVAC unit should come with high-quality components. However this depends on each household’s situation and what company completed the installation.

Like all home appliances, the HVAC electrical connections deal with high voltages and high temperatures, and should be left to home professionals. HVAC professionals can follow the schematics and safety codes necessary to guarantee that there will be no misfires during the repairing of your unit’s electrical connections.

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