Prepare Your Home For Cold & Flu Season

Posted on February 11, 2016

Unfortunately, it is that time of year again. It’s peak season for the flu and colds. Though our first thought is containment, quarantining a sick person to a single room in your home may not be completely effective in preventing the virus from spreading. Have you ever completely sanitized your whole house in an effort to make sure no one else in your family got sick? After you’re done you think that no virus could survive such a deep clean, but inevitably it spread to others in your home. The answer to your problem is your indoor air.

The influenza virus (or the flu) and rhinoviruses (viruses that cause colds) spread from host to host through the air in the form of droplets. These contaminated, airborne droplets are expelled into the air when people containing the virus talk, cough or sneeze.

You may wonder, how can you clean the indoor air of my home? This has been made possible through great technological advancements in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry. Technology can now be installed inside of your ductwork, and its job is to constantly cleanse the air circulating through your home out of the vents. Investing in IAQ products could keep you from missing school or work due to sickness, thus, saving you from spending money on health care expenses and the costs associated with the loss of work or school. Some IAQ products and services are even considered by some health insurance providers as covered costs. If you are located in the Palm Springs or surrounding areas, call The Best Little Air Conditioning And Plumbing Company In The Desert. We will send out a qualified IAQ specialist who will assess your system and will go over a variety of products that will best suit your needs. Healthy indoor air means a healthy family. Contact the General and his team today.

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