No Longjohns required with a mini-split system

Posted on December 16, 2016

You gotta love football this time of the year; hunkering down to watch your favorite team in that big game in your brand new man cave. There you are, all decked out in your custom long johns, parka with the team logo and a stocking cap pulled way down over your ears.

Sounds ridiculous, right? The fact is, whether it’s a man cave, a studio or office, or a game room for the kids (and their parents, too), these bonus rooms are often located in areas that aren’t currently climate controlled, such as the garage, unfinished basement or attic. This means, you are left shivering or sweating because the cost of adding ductwork connected to your current HVAC system is too much for the budget.

The good news is there’s an answer to that problem and it goes by many different names: mini-split, mini-split inverter, or ductless heat pump. No matter what you call it, they are an effective and efficient means to heat and cool a room or area and the best part is this: no ductwork required.

Mini splits are popular because of their small size and their capacity for zoning, or heating and cooling individual rooms. Many models include up to four indoor air-handling units (which can be used for four zones or rooms) all coupled with one outdoor unit.

Another asset is the ease of installation. Hooking up the indoor and outdoor units commonly requires just a three-inch hole through the wall. Also, the indoor unit can be installed as much as 50 feet away from the outdoor unit, allowing you to hide the condenser unit in an unobtrusive spot.

The lack of ductwork is a big reason why mini-splits are so effective. Did you know as much as 30% of your energy consumption can be wasted because of hot or cold air seeping out through the holes and connections in existing ducts? Those leakages are non-existent with ductless mini splits: all of the treated air goes to the room or area you want to heat or cool. In fact, some of these units are so efficient they qualify for federal tax credits, but keep in mind they might expire at the end of 2016 if lawmakers do not renew them.

A new ductless heat pump will mean the only hot things in your mancave will be your buffalo wings and your significant other and the only cold things will be your favorite beverages chilling in the fridge. And the the long johns? Gone…. Enjoy the game.

Call The General today and learn just how easy and affordable it is to add climate controlled comfort to your converted attic, porch, garage, or basement.

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