IAQ – Filtration: Air Filter Reminder

Posted on September 19, 2013

Hey everyone!

Here is your friendly reminder to change the air filter in your home’s AC unit. It has been a hot summer, and we are sure you have all been using your home air conditioning extensively. Compared to the colder months in which you typically are not using your central air conditioning, the continuous use of air conditioning in summer usually translates to dirtier, muggier air filters.

A dirty air filter can quickly ruin your home’s IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), which has a wide variety of consequences including (but certainly not limited to) a strong onset of allergies, asthma, and lung irritation.  Many different factors can contribute to your air filter getting dirty quickly, such as shedding pets or a lot of occupants in a home. Changing an air filter will take at most ten minutes, will help your family, your AC unit, and all the materials are very affordable.

A lot of AC service customers ask about what are the differences between cheap filters and more expensive filters, and how it affects their AC unit. Usually, a cheaper air filter is thinner and cannot protect against finer particles and allergens in the air, while the higher-end filters are denser and can stop much finer particles. If you have the means to purchase the more substantial air filter, we recommend you do so.

However, here’s the rule: it’s better to replace your air filter with a new but cheap filter, than to not change it at all. For the average homeowner, the air filters only need to be replaced once a month and the few minutes it will take will make your AC unit live for years longer. Set a date each month (the first of the month, or the end of the month is the logical choice for most) and make sure that you give your AC unit some extra care.

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