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HVAC Maintenance Agreement Is A Valentine’s Gift For Both

Posted on February 13, 2017

Flowers, candy, and jewelry are all great Valentine’s day gifts for loving couples. But we at General Air Conditioning and Plumbing have a “gift” idea that will bring peace of mind and could save money in the long run.

A membership in our ServicePlus Maintenance Agreement With Sentinel System Protection may not be romantic, but it means you will pay a flat fee and receive several services to help keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently.

Our plan benefits are second to none:

  • 24/7 Monitoring of your system
  • Installation Quality Verification Report
  • Post Repair Verification & Performance Reports
  • Monthly Email Summary & System Report
  • Predictive Alerts—identify problems before they occur
  • No diagnostic or trip charge on any service calls resulting from an alert
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty on repairs
  • 5-year labor warranty on new installations

When our professionally trained technicians from General Air Conditioning and Plumbing come to your home they will keep an eye out for things you can’t yet see. They can catch the small maintenance issues that can cause big problems in the future. The regular maintenance also means you will be in compliance with your system warranty and your HVAC system will run more efficiently and last longer.

Do we recommend presenting a maintenance agreement membership to your significant other as a Valentine’s Day gift? No, that might result in dirty looks and the silent treatment. But it is a great gift to give to yourselves. Long after the candy is gone and the flowers have dried up, that ServicePlus Maintenance Agreement With Sentinel System Protection will be working to keep your home safe and comfortable.

So call General Air Conditioning and Plumbing and we’ll show you how you can join right away. We will explain all the options, pricing, and payment plans available to meet your needs. It’s a great way for you and your Valentine to be assured you will be cool and comfortable as the winter gives way to spring and then to the summer heat.