The dry desert air in the Coachella Valley is a classic double-edged sword. On the plus side, it makes the heat more bearable during the day and gives us our cool, comfortable evenings we enjoy so much.

But dry air can also mean your skin, eyes, nose, and throat all get too dry which is uncomfortable. The low humidity in your home can cause all sorts of warping problems with wood floors and furniture.










Call General Air Conditioning and Plumbing to find out how adding a humidifier to your house can solve those problems and give you more benefits like:

  • Reduced heating bills
    • During our cool season, the extra moisture actually makes you feel warmer, which means you might be able to turn the heat down
  • Reduce risk of infections
    • Viruses and bacteria don’t travel well in moist air
  • Fewer electric shocks
    • The cat will love you because adding humidity will lessen static electricity in the home meaning fewer shocking experiences for the family feline
  • Improved sleep
    • Raising the humidity can help lessen snoring for people who are prone to it
  • Healthier houseplants
    • They can improve indoor air quality by pulling more toxins out of the air


The General features a full line of whole-house humidifiers. The Lennox Healthy ClimateⓇ is particularly suited to our desert climate with the ability to add as much as 18 gallons of of moisture to the air in your home every day. It also includes a built-in fan to circulate the humidified air even when your heating system isn’t in operation.

The General also carries humidifiers by Aprilaire and Honeywell, both respected names as well. Call the General right now and let us use our knowledge to help you determine which humidifier is right for your home and your needs. You might be surprised to learn how affordable it is to make your home in the desert more comfortable and healthier for you and your family.