Homeowners Guide to General Air Conditioning

Posted on September 16, 2013



Being a homeowner is a new and exciting role to take on, but it is not without its responsibilities. There are many rules, regulations, and tasks to take on that aren’t listed down for you in any book or website. Although we can’t help with every aspect of being a homeowner, we have gathered all the biggest tips you need to know about owning central air conditioning.

Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Home Air Conditioning:  While Homeowners Insurance covers a wide variety of incidents, they do not provide coverage for any appliance that breaks down due to old age, or wear and tear—and that also includes home air conditioning units. Depending on the type of Homeowners Insurance you have, your air conditioner might be protected against unexpected events such as fallen trees, or sudden electrical surges. In other words, if a tree lands on your AC unit you might be in luck. If your home air conditioning breathes its last breath out of old age, do not count on Homeowners Insurance to help you out.

You Are Required To Attain A Permit To Have AC Installed In Your Home:  Depending on the type of AC you have and the city you are in, you may be required to attain a permit if you intend on installing air conditioning in your home yourself. Although you do not need a permit for changing aspects of your central air conditioning including replacing filters, thermostats, belts, blowers, and relays, for everything else you will need a permit. Rather than work to attain the permit and all the pertinent knowledge, for any tasks that require a permit we recommend you hire a professional.

You Could Qualify For Rebates From The Government With Your Central Air Conditioning: The United States government is making a big push for green technology and appliances, and that includes air conditioning. If you are thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit or installing air conditioning for the first time, you could save thousands of dollars in rebates if you install an energy efficient AC unit. Not only are you saving money with rebates, but an energy efficient unit will also save you money on your monthly utilities bill. Call your local AC service to find out about installing and choosing an energy efficient AC unit.

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