Hire an Expert: 3 Reasons Why Hiring an Unlicensed Worker is Dangerous

Posted on February 21, 2014

We at The General understand the lure of hiring unlicensed workers to perform HVAC or plumbing services for your home. They talk a big talk, telling you how much you’ll save by hiring them, but as many people will tell you, hiring an unlicensed work to perform heating and air conditioning repair in Palm Springs and its neighboring cities usually ends up costing you more.

Here are 3 reason why hiring an unlicensed worker is not only costly, but also dangerous.

  1. Because unlicensed workers have not gone through the education or qualifications required of all professional, it can result in a poorly executed repairs. You will likely end up paying two different technicians for services: the unlicensed one you thought was saving you money, and another licensed technician to fix the previous one’s mistakes. You are better off paying a licensed professional.
  2. With an unlicensed technician, you’re not sure who you are letting into your home. Companies perform background and criminal checks on employees. If you hire an outside technician not affiliated with a company with good business standards, you run the risk of allowing someone untrustworthy into your home.
  3. Most homeowner’s policies do not cover unlicensed contractors. If something should go wrong, and an injury or death occurs as a result of an accident involving an unlicensed worker, you will not be covered. That can spell thousands of dollars in damages out of your pocket.
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