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HERS (Home Energy Rating System) iPermit

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Now that your installation has begun, there are a few more steps that need to take place. Next, you will need to schedule an appointment with our HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rating Company.

iPERMIT ERATERS will be calling you the day of install to get your HERS test scheduled. They will come to your house and perform all necessary tests mandated by the State of California, per Title 24 code. These tests include but are not limited to:

  • Duct Leakage
  • Refrigerant Charge
  • Airflow

Once all required tests have passed, iPermits ERATERS will mail the HERS certificates along with the building permit to you. Also, included in the packet will be a letter with instructions on how to schedule your final inspection with the city/county. You must have this packet on hand for the city/county inspector on inspection day. Contact us.
4 Easy Steps to Obtaining Your Permit


STEP 1: A Representative from I-Permit Will Contact You

Within 7-10 business days following the completion of your installation, a representative from I-Permit. ERaters will contact you to setup your Home Energy Rating System (HERS) testing appointment. If you do not hear from them call 818.735.7876.


STEP 2: Paperwork Preparation

Once the testing is complete, the representative will prepare the paperwork for the permit process.


STEP 3: You’ve Got Mail


The packet of paperwork will be mailed to you within two weeks, following the HERS testing. This will include your permit, HERS certificates and a cover letter with the phone number to your city’s building department so that you can call to set up your appointment for your final city inspection.



STEP 4: Inspector Sign Off, Permit Completed!

Once the city/county inspector has signed off on your permit, the permit is considered finalized and the process is complete.

Questions? Call us, we’re here to help!