General Air Analysis Includes Duct Inspection and Estimate

Posted on October 1, 2013

General Air Conditioning is thrilled to announce that we are joining GreenHomes America in their mission to help American homeowners reduce their energy costs, while helping the environment.

As part of our efforts, we are rolling out a brand new offering: Home Performance Contracting (HPC). HPC is completed by highly trained and certified energy specialists who inspect homes and run specialized tests to understand a home’s energy efficiency in a holistic manner. Based off the inspection survey and the outcome of the tests, the specialists will make recommendations on how to lower utility costs, and improve comfort levels. For elderly HVAC systems, recommendations can encompass many repairs and/or replacements such as duct sealing, insulation, or caulking.
The importance of efficiency inspections have become all the more apparent as many air conditioning companies are realizing that without the proper efficiency frameworks in places, a HVAC unit will never reach its optimal performance. This results in a problematic and underutilized home unit for customers, leaving AC repair companies unsure as to why the unit is not functioning properly.

HPC is special in the respect that it is more of a subjective science among other AC services, and cannot be offered by all AC repair companies. As we push towards a greener and more energy-conscious America, it is important for homeowners understand where their home stands in the spectrum of efficient home performance. Taking the time to undergo an HPC inspection reaps substantial benefits for homeowners as well, as the inspection exposes all ways in which their home is losing money through inefficiencies that may exist in the home.

General Air Conditioning is proud to offer these valuable services to our customers. We are offering an analysis, duct inspection, and estimate to all interested customers. For a holistic home inspection, visit our Scheduling Page, or contact us at (760) 343-7488.

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