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Cures for a Noisy Air Conditioner

Posted on March 19, 2015

Most of the time, Palm Springs air conditioning units run for months on end without exhibiting any symptoms of a problem. It’s important that homeowners realize that although they don’t have to run out and listen to their unit every week, they do need to learn how their units sound when they are operating correctly so that they are able to become aware of unusual noises that might be signaling a problem.

Although air conditioners are not meant to be perfectly silent machines, they also shouldn’t make any kind of a noise that is distracting or worthy of unusual attention. If you hear sounds that you hadn’t heard before, or the sound your unit makes starts becoming different than you noted in the past, you may want our air conditioning services in Palm Springs to perform a check on it. Following are some of the most common noises and what they could mean:

Motor Noise and Fan Noise

The motor in your unit shouldn’t hum on a constant basis; if it does, you’ll want to call us to come out and take a look. We can perform a few tests to see if the motor is malfunctioning and if it might need to be replaced. If your outdoor fan is humming, sounds loose or is otherwise making some type of other strange new noise, it may need to be serviced. If your unit wobbles or shakes as it runs, our air conditioning repair in Palm Springs may be able to correct the issue with just tightening some screws.

Coil Fin Noise

When coil fins become overly dirty, they can impair the proper functioning of your unit. Be sure that there is always space around your outdoor unit that is clear of debris. Pull out any leaves that may be stuck, and lightly spray down those coils with your hose. If you see several bent coils, this can also cause noise. Call the General in this case too – we can straighten those out to minimize/eliminate noise and improve your unit’s performance.

Condenser or Compressor Noises

Compressors and condensers are some of the biggest noisemakers in older units. After years of working, parts that move inside just start to break down, and need to be replaced. Some new units have 2 stage and variable speed compressors that are almost completely silent. If your compressor is making a lot of noise but you aren’t ready for a new unit, we can help you select a sound blanket to install over it to help dampen that noise.

If you notice a new noise with your Palm Springs air conditioning unit, whether you know what is causing it or not, Call the General to properly and safely diagnose and remedy any troubles. We’re proud to serve Palm Springs and all surrounding areas!