Call a Father’s Day Truce in the War of the Thermostat This Year

Posted on June 12, 2014

CallTheGeneralYou may have not ever really given much thought to those times you’ve waited for your spouse to leave the room to quietly dash to the thermostat, changing it before your husband or wife returned. Or maybe you have! Regardless of whether you and your spouse argue incessantly over the temperature in your home or you tend to keep it an unspoken battle, chances are fairly good that your spouse also adjusts the thermostat when you aren’t looking!

You also aren’t the only one who sneaks to change the thermostat without letting your spouse know. According to, 25% of married couples admit to arguing about the thermostat setting in their homes. In another survey for TheGreenAge, 44% of women polled switch the heat up or on without their partners’ consent and 42% of men who were polled admitted to turning it down when their wives weren’t looking.

Part of the root of the problem may lie in the fact that women have sensors in their skin that are twice as sensitive as those in men’s skin. Cold temperatures impact women more significantly than they do to men, so women are overall more sensitive to changes in temperature. They tend to feel cold more often, while men are more apt to feel uncomfortably warm.

John Bargh, a psychology researcher at Yale University, thinks temperature perception may have something to do with social preferences. Studies of the brain by his group have revealed that there is a connection between the region of the brain that responds to social temperature and the one that reacts to physical temperature.

“It’s been shown in many studies that women tend to be more interested in social domains of life than men, and men tend to be more inclined toward the instrumental,” Bargh says. This may be the origin of temperature metaphors like “the cold shoulder”, “warm hospitality”, “a warm smile” and “a cold stare”.

Regardless of whether you and your spouse openly have thermostat battles or you are sneaky about it, this Father’s Day why not let him reign over the temperature of the house? After all, you can always put on thicker socks or pull on a warmer shirt if it makes your guy happy this Father’s Day!

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