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Posted on September 3, 2013

At General Air Conditioning, we know that homeowners never know what kind of service they will get with an air conditioning company. That is why we aim to provide all of our customers with some peace of mind, with the knowledge that when they hire any of our expert troops that they will be getting top-notch service by quality technicians. We can confidently offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee due to the fact that we believe in the character, skill, and knowledge of every single member on our team.

There is no other HVAC company in Riverside County that invests as much in their employees than here at General Air Conditioning. At General Air Conditioning we believe that the strength of our team is only as good as our weakest member, and consequently we are dedicated to the education and development of every single one of our employees.

We hold weekly technical and sales training sessions for all of our employees, emphasizing advancements in the latest HVAC technology as well as refining our customer care. Our employees can also utilize our in-house training center (the only one in all of the Coachella Valley!) and receive real-life applications from our in-house trainer. To help build team spirit and cohesion we have an annual company-wide workshop where we re-affirm our company’s mission statements, beliefs, and foster teamwork.

General Air Conditioning is also the firstAC service provider in the area to have NATE certified technicians on board. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is the first certification in the HVAC industry that guarantees that all who carry the certification has a high level of HVAC skills, training, and knowledge to provide consistently satisfactory service to customers.

We do not stop there either. We frequently send our employees across America to receive the highest caliber in training and education, like week-long service training classes for all of our technicians. And our investment is not only for our technicians, but for all staff. Our general manager and bookkeeper are given strategic planning and budget classes, to guarantee customers the smoothest experience possible.

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