Air Conditioning Myths vs Facts

Posted on July 23, 2016

When it comes to air conditioning advice during the hot summer months, it seems there are a lot of experts out there. While some tips are helpful, many others are simply not accurate. There is never a shortage of myths, misperceptions and inaccurate advice many air conditioning professionals encounter. Here are a few we hear frequently:

  • Location of your central air conditioning unit will not affect performance. Actually, where you install the unit matters – the north and east sides of your home will generally be more shady. Air conditioner efficiency decreases with prolonged operation in direct sunlight.
  • For faster cooling, set the temperature below what you want it to be. Sounds logical, but A/C systems cool at a set rate. You can’t make it cool faster by setting the temperature lower.
  • Setting the A/C at a consistent temperature is more cost-effective and avoids spikes in power usage. Truth be told, it’s not a good idea to set it and forget it. A better option is to install a programmable thermostat, which allows you to schedule your system to cool (or not) to your liking..
  • When it’s time to buy, a large A/C system will cool your house better with less effort and cost. Bigger is not always better. HVAC units work more efficiently and effectively if they’re specifically suited for the square footage, insulation level, amount and facing direction of windows and, of course, your budget.
  • Changing/cleaning your air filters is not as important in the summer as it is during the winter. Definitely not true – dust and other particles are collected by filters year-round. It’s important to maintain regular air filter maintenance. Which leads us to….
  • Maintenance plans are not worth the money. Definitely fiction. Industry studies show that an A/C is approximately 98% percent less likely to fail if it is regularly maintained by qualified technicians. Not only will this save you from needing expensive emergency service, it will allow you to budget for the repair.

Advice can be a good thing, but only if you hear it from the professionals. Call The General today for system analysis, inspection and maintenance to stay cool all summer.

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