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50% of Homes Have Leaky Ductwork: Is Your Home One of Them?

Posted on January 31, 2014

Leakiness is rarely a good sign in any situation. What’s even worse? That you may not know something is leaking, causing who knows how much costly damage. Turns out, half the homes in America have leaky ductwork. That’s no good!


Improperly sealed ductwork can amount to an average loss of 20% of heating and cooling energy. That’s because many homes have flexible ductwork rather than sheet metal. It’s a lot cheaper and much easier to install but it deteriorates over time, as well as can tear and break apart causing that annoying  and expensive leakage.


So, how do you know if your home’s ductwork is leaking? Here are a few signs:


–          Odd sounds, like clanging, rattling, or banging, coming from the ducts.

–          A seemingly random increase or drop in temperature from room to room.

–          A utility bill that’s higher than usual


If you suspect your home might have leaky ductwork, give The General a call. We’re the leaders in air conditioning repair in Palm Desert and surrounding communities, and can figure out if a leaky ducts are ailing your abode.