5 Central Air Conditioning Facts You Didn’t Know

Posted on July 28, 2013

In celebration of Air Conditioning Appreciation Day—which started earlier this month on July 3rd and lasts until August 15th—we have 5 great facts about AC which reminds us why home air conditioning is so great.

  • In America alone, over 100 million households count on central AC to keep them cool and comfortable all year long.

  • Summer blockbusters became a trend thanks to air conditioning. When air conditioning was introduced back in the earlier 1900s, movie theaters were one of the first institutions to have air conditioning installation all across America. So when the summer heat would hit, people would rush to the movie theaters to get out of the scorching weather, making it the ideal time for moviemakers to release their best films.

  • Here’s a cool life hack—using a fan in conjunction with an air conditioning will help spread the cool air more efficiently throughout a home. Although fans do not change the temperature of the air, they work great with the newly cooled air from an air conditioning unit.

  • Although most Americans could afford a car starting in the 1920s, air conditioning wasn’t a common feature in cars until nearly a decade later. The introduction of air conditioning finally allowed drivers to travel in comfort for greater distances.

  • Most of today’s major cities are located in hot or tropical areas, and rely heavy on proper air conditioning. Without the invention of air conditioning, many areas of the world would have never reached their potential for creation and productivity.
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