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3 signs you need to have your drains cleaned

Posted on July 24, 2017

Nothing like a morning shower to get the day started. Since it’s the weekend you’re going to make it a nice long shower! But wait, why are there 3 inches of standing water in the shower? You’ve just discovered one of the most common warning signs you need to have a drain cleaning.

It may seem like a minor thing, but your friends at General Air Conditioning and Plumbing want you to know almost all blocked drains are going to get much worse if you try to ignore them.

With that in mind, here are three of the most common warning signs you should never ignore.

Slow Draining:

This is the issue leading to standing water in your shower. It may be the easiest plumbing problem to spot, but it might be the most ignored. Many homeowners think it’s not a big deal because eventually the water does drain away. It’s a bad mistake.

Without preventive maintenance, the General can virtually guarantee a slow drain will turn into a clogged drain. The partial blockage needs to be removed before it becomes a total blockage.

Service hint from the General: Most drain problems start with scale buildup on the walls of the drain pipe. Our plumbers can prevent it by treating your system with BioSmart. It’s an environmentally sound drain cleaning product. It uses beneficial bacteria rather than harsh chemicals.

Water Bubbles Up Inside the House:

When this happens it’s a little like that famous line from “Apollo 13,” “Houston, we have a problem.” One common example is when water comes up through the shower drain when you flush the toilet.

It happens because there’s a blockage in the bathroom drain system. The water has nowhere to go but up through the open shower drain. In most cases a plumber will have to remove the toilet and use a snake to clear the clogged drain.

Service hint from the General: Our professional plumbers can also use a video camera to “scope” the drain line and see what’s causing the blockage. This is a more common step when dealing with a blocked sewer line.

If the water bubbles up through a cleanout pipe outside the home, it’s a sure sign of a blocked sewer pipe. It could also indicate a full septic tank if you have one.

Smelly drain odors:

Plumbing systems are designed to keep unpleasant odors out of the home. Drain traps hold water to prevent sewer gases from entering. When the traps are filled with food and grease you will smell it. It’s a sign you are headed toward a blocked drain.

The General can’t emphasize enough how important good drain maintenance is. A backed-up sewer system is a true emergency with health and safety issues. Don’t let it happen in your home.

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